History of tamilnadu

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History of Tamilnadu

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Tamil Nadu

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History of Tamil Nadu

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Picturepoint, Gettysburg Media and publishing Hundreds of economies are published in Tamilmost of them incorrectly newspapers. The skinny also provides assistance to many, children, and people with spellings. The history of Tamil Nadu from the midth century to is the story of the British-controlled Madras Presidency in relationship to the rise and fall of British power in India.

After Indian independence inthe Madras Presidency became Madras state. Sep 15,  · This thread is dedicated for news, updates, discussion on history of Tamilnadu. Simple chronology of history considering the. The history of Tamil Nadu is very old and goes back to thousands of years back.

It is believed that the Dravidians of Tamil country were once a part of the early Indus Valley settlers and moved south after the advent of the Aryans around BC.

The history of Tamil Nadu goes back to the early stone age. The region of Tamil Nadu (now one of the states in the south of the Republic of India) has been under continuous human habitation since prehistoric times.

Martial Arts History of Tamil Nadu Martial Arts were compulsory for male children from the age of 5 - 7, as their duty was to preserve their Mother Land.

Some of the Martial Arts practiced by the Ancient Tamil People are. In Tamil Nadu, the beginning of history, or the period of the past for which we have written records, begins with the Sangam Age. The Sangam Age is from c. BCE to CE.

History of tamilnadu
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