A short history of antibiotics and how it rapidly spread throughout the globe

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The Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

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How do penicillins work?

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Part 2 will discuss strategies to manage the crisis and new agents for the treatment of bacterial infections. History of Antibiotics.

Spread of resistant bacteria

while increased mutagenesis and HGT promote antibiotic resistance and spread. 8 Low levels of antibiotics have been shown to. That contributes to the spread of antibiotic resistance that kills tens of thousands of people every year.

Here and throughout the work, Quammen delivers his usual elegant and transparent. The spread of diseases across wide geographic scales has increased through history.

Globalization and disease

Early diseases that spread from Asia to Europe were bubonic plague, influenza of. Nov 18,  · Curbing over-prescription of antibiotics will be key to slowing the spread of superbugs – but we still need a way to treat these infections.

Scientists have managed to make new antibiotics that overpower resistant bugs, but progress has been slow. Penicillium fungi are the source of penicillin, which people can take orally or via injection.

People across the globe now widely use penicillins to treat infections and diseases. Antibiotics proved to be a major improvement on antiseptics—which killed human cells along with bacteria—and their use spread rapidly throughout the 20th century.

A short history of antibiotics and how it rapidly spread throughout the globe
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The Antibiotic Resistance Crisis