A history of the russian october revolution

To what extent was Lenin responsible for the 1917 October Revolution?

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Reasons for the success of the October Revolution, 1917

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Trotsky's History of the Russian Revolution is a long, very complex, and extremely detailed treatment of the remarkably eventful period from February to October of Russia at the time was at war with Germany as part of an entente or three-country coalition that also included Great Britain and France/5(34).

Most of the lands ceded to Germany under the treaty were home to non-Russian nationalities. The ceded lands and Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan had proclaimed their independence from Russia after the Bolshevik coup.

The History of the Russian Revolution

Intwo revolutions completely changed the fabric of Russia. First, the February Russian Revolution toppled the Russian monarchy and established a Provisional Government.

Then in October, a second Russian Revolution placed the Bolsheviks. Nov 09,  · Watch video · The Russian Revolution of was one of the most explosive political events of the twentieth century.

The violent revolution marked the end of the Romanov dynasty and centuries of Russian. Mar 05,  · The year is Millions of Russians had been either killed or wounded.

October Revolution

The Russian people were angry at Tsar Nicholas II for getting Russia into the war. During the October Russian Revolution, the liberal, western-oriented Provisional Government headed by Alexander Kerensky, which was established following the February Russian Revolution that overthrew Tsar Nicholas II, was removed and replaced .

A history of the russian october revolution
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