A biography of william h bonney the most famous outlaws in american history

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Billy the Kid

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Billy the Kid

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List of Old West gunfighters

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While the Kid and his personality were asleep save, Garrett's posse surrounded the building and gathered for sunrise. Bonney escaped from the Examiner County jail on June 17. Also known as William H. Bonney or Henry Antrim, Billy the Kid is a legendary outlaw of the American Old West whose life has become sensationalized in movies, songs, and books.

He became notorious for supposedly killing 21 people for each year of his life, although factual evidence suggests he. Dana Meachen Rau Granite and Grit - A Walker's Don 'Red' Barry.

Billy the Kid Biography

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Billy The Kid

Baby-faced outlaw of the 19th-century American West. Name at birth: Henry McCarty.

A biography of william h bonney the most famous outlaws in american history

Born in New York City, Billy the Kid (also known as William Antrim and William H. Bonney) moved west and became one of the most famous outlaws in American history. Watch video · Billy the Kid was born William Henry McCarty Jr. on November 23,in New York City.

Little is known of his youth, but early on he entered a life of thievery, eventually heading west and. Billy the Kid: Biography What others are saying Famous Outlaws American History Old West town Billy The Kids Wild Wild West Western theme WESTERN PARTIES Vintage Photos Historical Photos "Find Billy The Kid William H Bonney Curteich in Postcards, Famous people, Other category on Playle’s.".

Henry McCarty (November 23, – July 14, ) better known as Billy the Kid but also known by the aliases Henry Antrim and William Harrison Bonney, was a 19th century American frontier outlaw and murderer who was a participant in the Lincoln County War.

He was reputed to have killed 21 men, one for each year of his life, but the actual.

A biography of william h bonney the most famous outlaws in american history
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